Trideck - Threedecks + One

The very quintessence of innovation, Azimut Yachts’ first ever Trideck superyacht defies the accepted norms of boat design to create extraordinary new spaces that redefine the concept of onboard living.

With dimensions like never before and a design that breaks all the rules, the Grande Trideck is the magnificent new Azimut Yachts flagship.


Using 360° video and sound design, A-LIVE allows breathtakingly free movement throughout the yacht, while discovering the distinctive design and stylistic features.
The sights and sounds of the waves, wake and wind mix with the unexpected play of light and reflections to place the Trideck in her mystical element. In bringing the virtual walkthrough to life, Azimut has preserved the special sense of openness and contact with the sea that could previously be experienced only onboard.
This immersive and dynamic tour of the yacht is enriched by In-Depth Hotspots. When clicked, each plays an in-depth video about one of the many advanced technologies onboard.




Azimut Grande Trideck




Azimut Grande Trideck features a new living area never seen before on a yacht this size, the Sea View Terrace. The Sea View Terrace is an aft raised “mezzanine” deck, which is the latest addition to the traditional triple-decker. Thanks to this layout innovation, Grande Trideck offers four terraces: the sundeck, perfect for secluded sunbathing, then the upper deck, where we find the main Outdoor Dining Area, next, the new Sea View Terrace, floating just a few meters above the water, and down below, the full-height beach area. Furthermore, one additional benefit of the aft raised “mezzanine” deck is the creation a Private Patio at the entrance to the salon, perfect to enjoy a complete privacy.


The second generation D2P_Displacement to Planing® hull, designed by P.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture with Azimut-Benetti R&D, combines the comfort typical of a displacement hull with the performance of a planing hull and a wave piercer to improve fuel efficiency. It allows the yacht to reach high top speeds without needing particularly powerful engines, or navigate in displacement mode with a remarkable range at a cost effective speed. If we are to compare the second generation D2P_Displacement to Planing® hull with the original, we find that Azimut Grande Trideck has the same absolute consumption at all speeds above 19 knots as a yacht 3 meters shorter, 30 gross tons lighter and 35 displacement tons smaller. And, at a cruising speed of 15 knots, the Trideck actually consumes 15% less. Now, if we were to compare the 2nd gen D2P with a typical hard chine semi-planing hull then the numbers are even more staggering: at displacement speeds, the increase in fuel efficiency exceeds 40%.


The use of carbon fibre is a construction choice that allows volumes and surfaces to be increased in size while keeping the same weight, therefore maintaining excellent levels of dynamic stability. Azimut Grande Trideck uses pure carbon fibre laminated with vynilester resin on:

  • Superstructure
  • Flybridge
  • Radar Arch
  • Mast
  • Hard Top
  • Transom And Platform (Hybrid)


Hotel Mode is just the simplest definition of an otherwise sophisticated and ingenuous innovative way to enjoy time at the anchor at zero emission in the most peaceful silence nature can offer.
In Hotel Mode on board systems are fed by dedicated lithium ion battery packs in lieu of generators for up to 4 hours during the day and up to 8 hours at night, when the electrical power need of the yacht naturally decreases (range varies depending on weather conditions as well as personal use of electrical loads).

Technické specifikace

Hlavní Technická data
Celková délka (včetně příďového koše)38,22 m (125’ 5’’)
Šířka trupu7,98 m (26’ 2’’)
Ponor (včetně propelerů při plném zatížení)2,05 m (6'' 9')
Výtlak (při plném zatížení)approx 190 t (418874 lb)
Konstrukční materiálCarbon fiber + GRP
Styl a konstrukce exteriéru Alberto Mancini
Autor interiéru Achille Salvagni Architetti
Hull designerP.L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Azimut Yachts R&D Dept.
Kýl 0
Stavitel lodiAzimut Yachts
Počet lůžek10 + 6 crew
Počet koupelen7 + 4 crew
Motory2 x 2400 mHP MTU
2 x 2600 mHP MTU
Maximální rychlost (test zatížení)up to 23/24 kn
Cestovní rychlost (test zatížení)up to 20/21 kn
Objem nádrže
Motory2 x 2400 mHP MTU
2 x 2600 mHP MTU
Objem palivové nádržeapprox 22600 l (5970 US Gal)
Objem nádrže na voduapprox 4000 l (1136 US Gal)

Data refers to UNI ISO 8666 conditions

Materiály používané při stavbě Azimut Yachts jsou navrženy tak, aby majitel každé jachty byl se vzhledem své lodi maximálně spokojen. Povrchová úprava, úroveň standardní výbavy i možnosti doplňků se mohou lišit i mezi jednotlivými loděmi. Informace zprostředkované těmito materiály (virtuálními prohlídkami, fotografiemi, videoklipy atd.) mají pouze informativní charakter. Společnost Azimut Yachts pečlivě dbá na to, aby informace na těchto stránkách byly přesné, přesto může dojít k uvedení technických nepřesností nebo zeměpisných chyb. Společnost Azimut Yachts nemůže ručit za uvedení, přesnost, úplnost nebo pravost obrazového materiálu, za zobrazení výrobku uvedeného na obrazovém materiálu ani za uvedení daného výrobku ve skutečnosti. Společnost Azimut Yachts si vyhrazuje právo bez předchozího ohlášení upravovat veškerý obsah a popis jakékoliv jachty i megajachty, a to včetně barevného provedení, materiálů, doplňkové výbavy a zařízení lodi.